Mediating Your Cases

Training and Experience

Gibson Solomons is a court certified mediator with nearly two decades of experience in multiple types of litigation.  Gibson has participated in litigation as clerk to a trial judge, as defense counsel,  and as counsel for the plaintiff.  Having had opportunity to observe cases from multiple vantage points as well as training and experience as a mediator, allows our firm to conduct successful mediations for you.

Hosting and Mobile

Speights & Solomons can host your mediation in a number of locations or Gibson is willing to travel to you to conduct your next mediation.

Closing The Deal

For successful mediation, the mediator has to do more than simply relay information.  We will work to get your case resolved by being properly prepared, meeting with counsel prior to the mediation to understand your objectives and limitations, reviewing the law, and making sure the other variables which influence every trial are included in the assessment and are accounted for in the negotiation.